I'm Yang and I draw. Whether I succeed or not, well who knows

I post mostly stuff about my ocs, but occasionally do fanart as well! Commentary is kept to a minimum, except for art updates(which are tagged as "pointless post") and asks(tagged as "art answers"); if you just want to see the art, then there's your ticket(s) to avoid all that!

I also procrastinate like you wouldn't believe though, so forgive me when I have long periods of no posting weeps

Art Goes Here

Heyo! School starts again so updates may be slow here!



Really enjoying long hair. 

:’D I love her, but I can’t do her nose justice…. Small thing of dottily's OC, Esfir because it's about time I draw one of her adorable characters pfft. 

Walk into the club like waddup my internet was down last night so I drew a bunch of stuff. 

The picture of Mina is an overdo art trade with the lovely mc-nuggies <3

I draw this nerd too much but it’s her birthday today so I’l allowed to one more time.

Sorry for not posting much again pfft. Here’s some iscribble doodles.

So I did that draw something with your eyes closed thing(colored it with my eyes open afterwards)

I almost have 200 followers on this blog, that doesn’t seem like a lot for some people but I’m really flattered you all decided to stick with me for this long to make it happen!! ;v;

Art request for hattershiara! Her awesome(and adorable) OC Taronci, being his typical self~

Random characters I designed yesterday lol….Just a mother and her daughter movin’ around trying to find people and places to live

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